• Video surveillance
  • Electric Fence
  • Fire Alarm
  • Access Control
  • PBX Service
  • Fire Alarm

    Helsak Enterprises is a cost effective way of managing your maintenance visits on your fire alarm system, and gives you peace of mind that your equipment will work when it is needed most – in the event of a fire.


    Support from our 24 hour customer service center
    Availability of our engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    Minor adjustments during inspection
    12 monthly warranty for additional fitted equipment
    Engineer call out charges (except when system has been damaged by users or call out is due to customer mis-operation)
    False Alarm Management and advice against the latest standards

  • Access Control

    We Providing total control over access to and within your premises.
    Whatever premises you occupy, your basic security provisions must include the ability to control who enters and when. An access control system acts as your own electronic gatekeeper, allowing for the free flow of authorised residents, guests and personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors.

    Helsak Enterprise can design an Access Control system to meet your requirements.

    Single door to multi-door systems
    Standalone and PC based networked solutions
    PIN, fob, card and biometric readers
    Choice of readers and lock releases
    Event reporting
    Maintenance agreements available

  • PBX Service

    Helsak Enterprises provides installations, upgrades and maintenance services for PBX Telephony. We also offer products, such as PBX Telephone Systems, PBX Phones. Contrary to a common belief that these PBX systems are expensive, we can show you that you can get enhanced communication for your business or for your smart home at very low prices.

    The successful functioning of any business organization mainly depends on its communication system. For small business organizations, we will provide an affordable small business PBX Phone Installation in order to maintain a powerful communication device. By making use of our affordable small business PBX systems, you can promote a positive and professional image for your small business organization among the potential customers and representatives.

  • CCTV

    Monitoring and protecting your premises with state of the art surveillance solutions.

    Our years of experience operating across all market sectors ensures we can provide the right CCTV solution for your needs. We have designed, installed, and maintained CCTV systems for small and large Strata residential buildings, small and medium companies, and high security Government institutions. We are confident we can work with you to design a system to meet your needs.

    Choice of dome, bullet or box cameras to suit requirement
    Day night image technology
    Infrared illumination available
    Digital video recorder with touch screen monitor available
    Mobile connectivity to view images remotely
    Maintenance Agreements available
    Free security consultation

  • Electric Fence

    The electric security fence is part of the first line of protection to your premises. At Helsak Enterprises we offer high quality electric fencing at affordable prices. With more than 60 clients on our database, Helsak is arguably the biggest installer of electrified fencing in Tanzania.
    We install security fencing for:
    Domestic: Residential Homes
    Estates: Townhouses, Clusters and Estates.
    Commercial: Commerce, Industrial, Mines, etc.
    Country: Plots, Farms, Game Reserves, etc.